What’s the Time? Cards

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One night while putting the boys to bed, we heard a loud bang noise. Turns out it was our living room clock, falling to the ground, smashing the edges. I was picking it up looking at it, about to throw it in the bin, when I worked out I could use this clock to help the boys learn to tell the time. The little knob on the back that you use to set the time still worked, so I figured, if I could make some time flashcards, the boys could use the ‘real’ clock set the correct time.

Whats the Time Cards

 So, here is the first lot of What’s the Time? Cards

This pack includes hour, half hour, quarter to and quarter past times. I have included clocks with the times as well as the time cards that you can cut out separately.

Whats the Time 1

Some ways that you can use these cards are:

  • Memory Game – cut out all cards and place face down, flip over two and it they match set them aside, if they don’t place them back face down and start again. Keep going until all the clocks are matched to their correct time.
  • Place all the clock cards face up on the table, shuffle the time cards and then match the time to the correct clock face.
  • Make your own clock, shuffle the time cards into a pile. Pick up a time card and move the hands on your clock to make the time listed on your time card.

We used a real clock and I also made a paper clock, so the boys had a clock each. Then they started having races to see who could ‘set’ the time the quickest.

Whats the Time

To download your {FREE} copy of these cards, click on the link below!

What’s the Time Cards

I do have a paid ($) version of cards in five minute intervals available at TPT. Click on the link below to purchase them.

What’s the Time Cards ($)

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