UNCLE TOBYS Oats Quick Sachets

I am definitely not a morning person. I have loads of trouble getting out of bed in the morning, especially when it is cold.  It is in this cool weather, when our family looks for something warm to have for breakfast.

We were recently given two variety packets of UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachets to try: Berry and Fruit.



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Uncle Tobys have been providing for Australians with this natural superfood since 1893! Wholegrain oats are high in fibre, help lower cholesterol re-absorption and are a natural source of energy. Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets also contain no artificial colours or flavours, so they are a great alternative for a tasty wholesome breakfast. 

What a great way to warm up! These oats are not only quick and easy to prepare, which is great on the busy mornings, but our boys loved them. All you have to do it empty the sachet into a microwaveable bowl, add water or milk, stir and microwave on high for 90 seconds. Our boys loved to pour a little milk over them to help them cool. We were also impressed with the variety of flavours and how they didn’t overrule the taste of the oats. 

So, if you are looking for a warm, healthy, filling and easy breakfast, why not give  Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets a try.  There are nine different flavours in the Quick Sachets range and 12 sachets per box, there is something for everyone. 

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Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets:

Goodness mum’s love and tastes that kids enjoy! 


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