Butterfly Unit

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We have been learning about butterflies for the last month. The boys have learnt a lot and have enjoyed watching our chrysalis open and a butterfly come out.
This whole unit has taken us quite a few weeks to complete as we keep having breaks for birthdays and grandparents visits and waiting for our butterfly to hatch.The boys really enjoyed this and we are waiting for our second chrysalis that is due to arrive next week.

These are some of the books we read.
The book above (A Butterfly is Patient) is an awesome book. I highly recommend
you get it from the library or wherever. We loved it.
Some of the activities we did included:
Painting a butterfly life cycle.
Drawing a colourful butterfly
Drawing and painting a caterpillar.
All these 3 paintings / drawings were done following Kirsty at Artventure. 
(We do have a pay subscription)
We purchased to chrysalises from Butterfly Skyes Bugshop.
This one above died in the chrysalis and she is currently sending out a replacement one.
The other chrysalis hatched! The boys were so excited.
Our two chrysalises in the enclosure.
It only took a couple of days for the chrysalis to open and the butterfly to emerge.
We woke up to this sight one morning. It must have only just happened as we watched it most of the day.
The boys took turns at recording it on our very old video camera.
It took many hours for the butterfly to get the blood in its wings and get ready to fly.
Eventually it started walking around the cage flapping its wings.
As you are only able to keep the butterfly for 24 hours after it is ready to fly, we let it go the next morning.  
I was unable to get any photos of it as it took off over the fence rather quickly.
They painted a butterfly and added blue cellophone in the wings.
They did some butterfly graphing.
They made a 3d butterfly lifecycle . They glued on green leaves cut out of paper and used sequins for the butterfly eggs. The caterpillar is a green pipe cleaner wound around a pencil, the chrysalis is a black pipe cleaner cut in half. I wound the pipe cleaner around the cotton ball once for them so it would stay and then they painted on some orange paint. The butterfly is a pipe cleaner wrapped around circles of tissue paper that were scrunched up a bit.
Butterfly masks we bought and they painted.
A flower cut out that they painted and a butterfly (same cutout as before).
And a butterfly symmetry painting.
I just printed out a blank colouring page of a butterfly that I found on google and they painted one side and we pushed them together.
We also used a lot of pages out of the butterfly packs that you can find here.
Some Links:
Cleverpatch (this is where I got the butterfly cut outs from)
The Butterfly Site has lots of activities and colouring pages
Fantastic Fun and Learning – another blog that completed a butterfly unit
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