Marbled Paper – 2 ways!!

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Yesterday we made marbled paper using two different methods and today, the boys were watching tv when I suddenly get a call to come quick.  Playschool were making marbled paper using one of the ways we did the day before. 
Marbled Paper
Marbled Paper – First Way
We half filled a baking tray with water and then added a few drops of vinegar to the water.  In some plastic throwaway cups we added a couple of drops of acrylic paint. One colour per cup and then mixed the paint with a few drops of methylated spirits.
We then added a few drops of the runny paint to the water/vinegar mixture.
Then we placed a sheet of white paper on top of the water, making sure all the paper was pushed onto the water.  After a few seconds we pulled the paper off and then let it dry on some newspaper on the table.
 Marbled Paper
The marbled water above is ready, waiting for a piece of paper to be placed on top.
After letting the paper sit for a short time, pull it out and lay it flat to dry.
 marbled paper 4 copy
The finished, dried marble paper.
Then we did Marbled Paper – Second Way
This time we half filled the baking tray with shaving cream and flattened the top.
Then the boys dropped drops of food colouring onto the shaving cream.
Then with a tooth pick they swirled the food colouring through the shaving cream.
They then placed a piece of paper on top of the shaving cream. After gently pushing the paper onto the shaving cream, they slowly pulled it off. Then using a spatula, they scraped the excess shaving cream off.
marbled paper 5 copy 
Swirling the food colouring through the shaving cream with a toothpick or skewer.
marbled paper 6 copy
Adding the piece of paper on top.
marbled paper 7 copy
The gently remove the paper.
 marbled paper 8
The finished products.
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  1. Fun! My boys would love that! I need to get some shaving cream, since I don’t know what methylated spirits is. Haha.

    New follower stopping by from the We made that Linky!

  2. That shaving cream one looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Excellent activity. The paper is also good for wrapping gifts for family and friends.

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