Japan Study

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Our first package we received from the Cultural Exchange we participated in, was from Japan.

We spent 2 weeks learning about Japan using the supplies from the package to help us.

The boys really enjoyed it. 

Here is what we did.

We received ‘funny erasers’ in the package and the had fun trying them out.


We learned about Japanese Money and what the Yen is worth 
compared to our Australian Dollar.
We were given these coins and some copies of the paper
money that was printed out on cardboard.


We made our own bento lunches using the bento picks we received.



The boys had fun cutting their food into different shapes.


Also in the package was a bug sticker sheet.


The boys love stickers and enjoyed placing them on the sticker sheet.


We purchased a sushi kit from Woolworths.
And had a go at making it ourselves.


It was quite easy with the kit.


The boys were not impressed with their first taste of 
seaweed. They didn’t like it at all.


In the package was a sand painting kit.



They each took a go at using the sand to paint the picture.


The end product turned out pretty good.


We also received a fan.


And a paper plane, that the boys thought was awesome.


We made our own origami pieces with the origami paper we were given.
We were also given a couple of origami pieces, like the heart.


They painted their own cherry trees, using the bottom of a 
soft drink bottom for the flowers.


Giesha (supposed to be paper plate) craft.
Instead of gluing the face to a paper plate, the boys glued it into their art books.


They each made a Coffee Filter Fan.


They also made a Mini Sumo Wrestler


They made an origami fox and glued it into their art books
and put a border around it with Japanese Washi tape.


And played with some decorations that were in the package too.



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  1. Big mamma frog says:

    Some fabulous ideas there!
    We’ve had two packages arrive from our World Culture Exchange, just waiting for the other two to arrive.

  2. We are in 3 groups and have had half of them arrive so far. The boys are loving learning about different countries and cultures. It is a wonderful thing to be part of.

  3. Big mamma frog says:

    We’d do a lot more if it wasn’t so expensive to post these things. It’s probably cost me nearly GB£40 to send the four packages and I’d already omitted some things because the packages were getting heavy.

  4. What great ideas! I love that you took the items in the package and made them into such fun activities. The sand painting especially looks like fun! Thanks for sharing at the Culture Swapper!

  5. I just found this website: http://www.postcrossing.com/
    It is about sending postcards instead of packages which is sure to be a lot cheaper.