Fairies in a Jar or Glow in the Dark Jar

These can be found under many names like Fairies in a Jar and Glow in the Dark Jars.

We made these last night for the boys.

Fairies in A Jar

There are 2 ways that I know of making them:

1. Cut up glow sticks in a jar and shake the insides out, add glitter then the lid and shake.

2. Paint the inside of a jar with glow in the dark paint and add glitter and shake.

We did number 1. I cut 2 orange, 2 yellow and 2 green glow sticks in half and shook out the insides into a clear container. (I used an old peanut butter jar as it is clear and plastic, so it wouldn’t break if they dropped it.) Then  I added some silver glitter, put the lid on and shook. As the glow sticks only last 6 hours, so does this, but that was long enough for the boys to go around and turn off every light in the house and have a little play before bed. They fell asleep watching it.


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  1. do you add water or is that just a lot of glowstick juice?

  2. No I didn’t add water, just used about 8 glowsticks. You’d been surprised how much juice actually comes out of them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How many nights use did you get out of it?

  4. We only used it for one night, though I have heard that you can freeze the glow sticks and they last longer.

  5. Yeah, they tend to last up to a week if they’ve spent time in the freezer. We used to keep our 4th of July goodies/shinies that way. :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    glue in the dark paint works good too

  7. What brand of glow sticks did you use? I’ve heard people say that you can’t use the ones you buy at the dollar store or something. Thanks!

  8. I used the ones I bought at a cheap shop. They are the only ones I buy.

  9. I’m going to try doing the glow in the dark ones you listed. It’s with glowpaint so can be recharged and reused.

  10. Anonymous says:

    how much glitter do you use?

  11. It depends on the size of your jar and how much you want to use. I think I used about 1 tsp of glitter.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I used glow bracelet had the glass tube thing in it to, It didn’t glow should i have used the glow Sticks?

  13. If you use the kind that has glass, just break the stick before you cut it. The juice in the glass comes out with the clear juice around the glass tube in the middle.

  14. Lot of misinformation floating around about glowsticks, so I thought I’d share a few things as someone familiar with their manufacture. AFAIK, all glowsticks have glass in them. Never seen one that doesn’t, as the glow is the result of a chemical reaction between two chemicals that must be kept separate until ready to use. That CRACK you hear when bending the glowstick to activate it is the glass inside breaking. Since the substances inside are non-toxic (yes, they ARE non-toxic. I wouldn’t recommend deliberately swilling the contents, but they won’t hurt you), you could just open them up over a sink and run the contents through a strainer before using. Chilling the contents AFTER activation will slow down the chemical reaction a bit, resulting in a longer glow time, but storing them in the freezer prior to activation is not necessary – it won’t help you keep the stuff glowing longer, and may cause it to take longer for the reaction to get started. Glow sticks can be affected by excessive heat as well, and may discolor or simply fail to react if they have been improperly stored or transported. If you get some that don’t light up, this is probably what happened – return them and get a new batch somewhere else. Properly stored, they will last for years. I have some that are 10 years old and are still working great.

  15. So what is the longest the glow sticks will glow?

  16. Just a question!!:) says:

    Do you have to use glue to get the glitter to stick?

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