Dinosaur Lapbook

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R’s favourite thing at the moment is Dinosaurs, so we have been learning lots about them. We have spent 3 weeks reading books from the library, books we had at home and watching Dinosaur Train Dvds. Also during this time the boys watched lots of Playschool as the theme of the week was Dinosaurs (I think this was the second week).
When we first went to the library, R found a book (more like a novel) which contained information on many of the species of Dinosaurs and he decided he wanted to do a lapbook for each of the different species.
I managed to talk him out of this (as it was just too much work) and we did a lapbook which cover a few of the main species and the Australian species.
I found so much free stuff and great ideas on the internet that we had trouble deciding what to do. We ended up doing the quick and easy ones and left the big, more time consuming ones. There are quite a few links at the bottom of this page.
We made a dinosaur cake
and some biscuits
A dinosaur skeleton out of cotton buds
Dinosaur Mosaics 
This was a kit I bought from Kmart
Split-Pin Dinosaurs
Fingerprint Dinosaurs
Pop-Up Dinosaurs
Dinosaur Eggs
And finally the lapbook
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