Review: Kids Who Know

Kids Who Know Video

For the last week, our boys have been using Kids Who Know. This online program teaches children essential life lessons on acceptable social values and practical safety skills. Covering 20 topics with fun and engaging lessons, children are given the knowledge to be able to access situations and make the right decisions.   By completing this program, your children will learn essential skills that will stay with them for life. The 20 topics that are covered are: Friendship, Smart Around Chemicals, Honesty, Speaking Manners, Caring for Animals, Sun Wise, Kindness and Compassion, … {Read More}

Shark Montessori Inspired Cards

Shark Cards

Our boys are interested in all types of animals. They love watching Deadly 60 and they will sit in the library for hours reading books about animals. I found them going through some animal cards we have, reading about all the different species of sharks, so I made these Montessori Inspired (3 part cards) for them. You can download your FREE copy of the Shark Cards by clicking the link below: Shark Cards I also made some Shark Notebooking Pages for them to fill in as they discover sharks. They have been using these notebooking pages to compare the differences between the sharks. You can … {Read More}

Give Your House a New Look with Palm Tree Wall Decals

Wall Decals

Today we have a guest post from June from Wall Decals about using decals to decorate your house.   Give your house a new look with palm tree wall decals Who doesn’t want his or her place to look fantastic? Everyone wants their house to be the perfect symbol which represents the owner’s choice, taste and his status in the society. Hence it has become very important for each and everyone to think a hundred times before deciding what they should do with the interior of their house and how they should decorate it. So why not make the house decoration in a way which will make the people vis … {Read More}

Make your Own Watercolour Paints

Watercolour Paints

Our boys love to paint which means we go through a lot of paper and paints. We find that watercolour paints are the best to use and so easy to clean up.  As we go through so much, I researched how to make your own watercolour paints that would hopefully work out a little cheaper. We made these paints in small plastic shot type glasses that I had picked up from a cheap shop. Originally, I had planned to use them to hold water for the watercolour paints, but worked out they would also be great for holding the paints we made too. What you need: bicarb soda cornflour white … {Read More}

Review: Happy Kids Songs

Happy Songs 1

We love listening to music and audio books, so it came as no surprise that our boys absolutely love these Happy Kids Songs. For this review, we received the Happy Kids Songs Workbook: Hands-on Activities to build Character, Social & Emotional Skills as well as three albums: Friends and Sharing (Set 1), Happiness and Attitude (Set 7) and Manners and Character (Set 6). Happy Kids Songs are the work of singer, songwriter and child psychologist, Dr. Don MacMannis, also known as Dr.Mac. He is the music director and songwriter for Jay Jay the Jet Plane, a cartoon series that our boys used to … {Read More}

Human Body: Doctor’s Bag

Felt Doctors Bag

For our Human Body Unit, I made the boys a doctor's bag out of leftover felt I had lying around the house.   In this Doctor's Bag, we added: * Dr's Name Tag * Appointment Book * Thermometer * Prescription Pad * Jelly Beans for good patients * Empty vitamin jar (for pretend pills)   * Stethoscope * Syringes (they are biros in the shape of a syringe) * Reflux Hammer * Tongue Depressors (Big paddlepop sticks) * Forceps * Specimen Jar * Bandaids * Bandage * Bandaids * Gloves * Plaster of Paris Bandage (for casts) * Otoscope * Mask * Large white … {Read More}

Review: Wizzy Gizmo

Wizzy Gizmo

We have been focusing on learning more about the New Testament this year. When we were given the option of reviewing the Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament from Wizzy Gizmo, we were thrilled. Wizzy Gizmo certainly bring the Bible to life with their entertaining, child-friendly Biblical products. The Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament includes 27 (+ cover) beautifully printed cards. They are printed on card stock and are a good size at 5x9 inches or 12.5x20.5cm.  The front of the cards contain a summary on the book as well as the number of chapters in the book, the author, the … {Read More}

Zucchini Brownies

Zucchini Brownies

I know this may sound a little odd, but these brownies were really moist and yummy. I just told our boys they were brownies and they loved them. You can't tell there is any zucchini in them at all.       … {Read More}

Monday Memory Verse: Psalm 27:11

Psalm 27:11

In each pack there is an A4 poster with the verse on it. This can be printed on white paper or card stock, laminate if you wish, and place in an area in which it will be read quite frequently like: on the fridge door in your child’s bedroom on the back of the toilet door in your ‘school room’ or play room To help your child, you could get them to look at the poster, read it 3 times and then get them to turn around so that their back is facing the poster. Then get them to try and say the verse without looking. You will have to prompt them for the first couple of days, but hopefully … {Read More}

Easy Sudoku For Kids Printable


R absolutely loves sudoku. He will sit with Papa for hours trying to work out what numbers go where. While we were cleaning up, we found some sudoku books that I had put away. He has completed many puzzles over the last couple of days. B finds the puzzles in R's books a little hard, so I made up some very easy sudoku puzzles for him and am sharing them with you. In this pack, there are number puzzles and letter puzzles. 8 puzzles in total with answers! To download your free copy, click the link below! Sudoku A … {Read More}