Free Word Search Fun

Word Search Fun

Our boys are loving word searches at the moment, so I made these 5 {FREE} printable word searches! Themes include: Movie Night At the Circus I'm a Detective Farm Animals I'm a Pirate     Two of the pages have coloured graphics, but the other three have black and white graphics which the kids will love colouring in. You can download your free copy by clicking the link below: Word Search Fun … {Read More}

Balloon Hovercraft

Balloon Hovercraft

Since the first time we saw the balloon hovercraft, we have wanted to try them out. Our problem has been getting the pop top lids as we don't usually buy drinks with this type of push up, pull down lid. Coles had the powerade bottles half price and they had the lid we needed, so I purchased two for hubby to take with him when he played golf.  Once I cleaned the lids, the boys and I gathered all our materials and set to work. You need: * a balloon * an old cd * a pop top (one that can be pulled up and pushed down) * hot glue gun * a big flat surface like a table or tiled … {Read More}

Melted Crayon Shapes

melted crayon shapes4

After making our melted crayon art a while ago, we had quite a few crayons left over.  We decided to break them up into little pieces and melt them into different shapes. The boys loved this activity and love drawing with their lego men crayons. The crayons were quite easy to break. To some of the molds we added the same colour crayon pieces and to others we added different coloured crayon pieces. We placed the broken pieces of crayon in small silicon baking trays and baked them in the oven. We watched the crayons melt, it didn't take more than around 5 minutes. It all depends on … {Read More}

Churro Cupcakes

Churros Cupcakes

While we were learning about Spain, we made some Churros with Chilli Chocolate and then we found this Churro Cupcake recipe.  These cupcakes are so yummy and taste so much like the churros it is unbelievable.  … {Read More}

Monday Memory Verse: Genesis 1:31

Genesis 1:31

In each pack there is an A4 poster with the verse on it. This can be printed on white paper or card stock, laminate if you wish, and place in an area in which it will be read quite frequently like: on the fridge door in your child’s bedroom on the back of the toilet door in your ‘school room’ or play room To help your child, you could get them to look at the poster, read it 3 times and then get them to turn around so that their back is facing the poster. Then get them to try and say the verse without looking. You will have to prompt them for the first couple of days, but hopefully … {Read More}

HomeschoolPiano Review


 I had piano lessons for about 8 years until health problems got in the way and have always wanted our boys to learn the piano too, but again due to the same health problems, I have struggled to teach them. For our latest review, we were given a lifetime subscription for up to five students to: HomeschoolPiano - Complete Set of Books from HomeschoolPiano.    Homeschool Piano is an online piano lesson program that uses a 6-step cycle: Technique, Rhythm, Ear Training, Reading Music, Song and Improvisation. This cycle is easy for students to understand and lays a … {Read More}

Before and After Numbers

Before and After Numbers

This is a great little FREEBIE that helps children learn what numbers come before and after a certain number. Included in this freebie are numbers from 1-12. There are many ways you can use this freebie. To download your free copy, click the link below: Before and After Numbers 1-12 Linking to: Teaching Blog Addict … {Read More}

Learn Photography for Free


I have been interested in learning photography for a while now. I have found many websites that contain a wealth of free information to get you (and me) started.    Some great overall Photography Sites are: Click it Up a Notch - An amazing website full of information on everything you will need. Digital Photography School - Lots of tips and tutorials and resources. I Heart Faces - Lots of resources, freebies and tutorials. Photography Unit - Great unit for grades 7 - 12 Mini Photography Unit - Great for people all ages. 31 Days of Photo Tips - Though this … {Read More}

Be Ready for Outdoor Fun


(From Flickr) How to prepare your home's outdoor space for summer fun   In the warm months your outdoor space in the garden, yard or patio can easily be prepared for a summer of fun. With some useful home improvements you can turn any outside area into a nice place, where you can spend your time. Using some tricks for pest prevention, taking the needed cares for your lawn and precautions against fire, you can ensure a nice atmosphere without any dangers for you, your family and friends. One threat for your outdoor summer fun can be the mosquitoes. They are not only unpleasant, but … {Read More}

Planes, Planes and more Planes

Planes Activity Pack

 Our boys really wanted to read books on planes and flying, so we went to the library to find some. Quickly it turned to flying planes in the war, and as we celebrate Anzac Day in April, we decided to read about planes in general and how planes we used during the wars.   The first activity we did, was to make some planes. I purchased a foam plane kit from Sam's Warehouse and we painted them in military colours.  We also made some planes from paddle pop sticks and pegs. First we painted them in the military colours and then we glued them together.   We used our foam … {Read More}